Have you ever wondered what Organic Farming actually means? Since we consider this to be such a fascinating subject, we decided to share a little piece everyday for one week via our Instagram account. Because knowledge is power, our ‘Oh! That’s what Organic Is’ series is here to help you discover why Organic matters and how it effects the people, the planet and the animals.

Monday : Organic farming is based on ecological systems

#Organic #farming isn’t just ‘chemical free’ it’s a farming system based on working with, protecting and enhancing the whole ecosystem including that thing we rely on for 99% of our food,  #soil. #ohthatswhatorganicis @soilalliance @soilassociation@IFOAMorganic

Tuesday : Organic farming builds relationships that ensure fairness, equity, respect, justice

#Organic #farming treats animals justly, respectfully and fairly. Animals are allowed to exhibit their natural behaviour and practices such as constant indoor housing are never used. #ohthatswhatorganicis @soilassociation @ciwf @FoodEthicsNews 

Outside space given to chickens

Organics = 10 m²

Free range =  4 m²

More room = Better welfare

Wednesday : Organic food systems seeks to pay farmers a fair price

Why is #organic more expensive?  Because it pays farmers fair prices not just to produce #tastyfood but to protect waterways, soils, air, biodiversity, our bodies and society too! #GoodFood4All #ohthatswhatorganicis @susfoodtrust @soilassociation

Thursday : Organic farming is a key tool to reducing Green House Gasses and biodiversity loss.

On average Organic farms contain 50% more plant, bird and insect diversity

 Humans are driving #massextinction of life on earth.  A shift to #organicfarming would lower #pesticide usage by 98%, increasebiodiversity and could lead up to a 35% reduction in emissions from farming. @soilassociation @UNbiodiversity #ohthatswhatorganicsis

Friday : Organic food is healthier for consumers

You are what you eat … eats

#Organicdairy farmers provide their herds fields of grass to graze and store the surplus for winter. Using lower amounts of nutritiously concentrated feed produces healthier milk. The milk contains higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids protecting against cardiovascular diseases and dementia #ohthatswhatorganicsis

Saturday : care and precautionary principle

“…GM is dangerous because it allows us to accelerate in the wrong direction for a short while longer…” - Helen Browning Soil Association Chief Executive

 #Organic regulation doesn’t allow any genetically modified organisms because they cannot be contained and we don’t know what will happen once they are released. The focus should be on building healthy soils to produce healthy #diverse crops not modifying crops to live in unhealthy #soils. @soilassociation #ohthatswhatorganicsis

Sunday : Organic food systems seeks to pay farmers a fair price

#Organic #farming sees the health of soil, plants, animals and humans as one. That’s why we practice preventative healthcare, feeding animals with safe notorious food, grown in healthy soils. Helping to reduce antibiotic use and #saveourantibiotics. #ohthatswhatorganicis @soilassociation